What We Do

1. Quality Assurance and Audit Program Management

Reducing the burden of fixed management overheads for prescriptive regulatory compliance of the Customers subcontractors or CAA Part 145 approved contractors. CN Aviation Services provide full audit management of all suppliers, requiring the customer to audit us as a single-tiered supplier. Giving the customer the flexibility to manage resource’s more effectively and focus on internal safety and quality management and process improvement.

2. Consolidated Supplier Network

Assessing and approving Suppliers on strict regulatory, safety, quality, environmental and service level performance criteria CN Aviation ensure only the best Suppliers can work with our partners. Our job is to manage the Supplier and ensure the Customer receives only the best service. The Customers set the requirements; we manage our Supplier base to ensure availability to meet it.

3. Supplier Relationship Management

Our team of experts work with our Suppliers to assess their capability to meet the Customers needs, measure and monitor performance during the contracting period and to identify and work through challenges. The Key focus on challenging areas including competitive pricing, technology development and implementation, priority service levels, sustainability (Economic, Environmental and Ethical performance) we offer solutions that commercial operators strive to achieve.

4. Carbon Offset for every Service

We strive to help our Customers achieve UK Government and EU targets of net zero emissions by 2050. CN Aviation Services are net-zero now and ensure all of our services provided to our Customers are fully Carbon Neutral. Aviation is changing and our Customers demand sustainable operators.  See our CSR policy for more information.

5. Volume Pricing and Flexible Contracts

Our competitive and flexible pricing model allows the Customer to only pay for what they need. With fluctuating demand, fixed pricing models prove overly restrictive in addition to the usual fixed overheads. Our flexible contracts support adaptative flying and maintenance programs for both small and large operators.

6. Guaranteed Availability

Supplier Partners are engaged based on demand to ensure that all Customer requirements can be met however demanding. Challenge us to see how we can meet any complex technical, contractual, or regulatory demand.