Sustainability Statement

Our aim is to minimise the negative impact of Aviation and promote positive outcomes for society, the economy and the environment through pro-active management.

Triple Bottom Line Approach

1. Planet

Our Vision to achieve net-zero in aviation drives all that we do. We regularly assess our practices, process, travel and business approach to reduce our negative impact in every way possible. We must be able to enjoy travel and the benefits of aviation whilst being kinder to the planet.

CN Aviation Services are committed to not only sustaining and operating at net zero as an organisation but strive to help our customers achieve the same by delivering a supplier network assessed equally on environmental and technical merit. Where shortfalls are identified in the evaluation criteria we work with Suppliers to develop an incentivised performance improvement program and offset Carbon until targets are achieved.

In addition to a net zero Supply Chain we are focused on our overall impact including:

2. People

We are a fully equal opportunities employer and seek to remove potential barriers to employment. We recognise that valuable individuals come from all backgrounds, levels of education and number of years professional experience. Prescriptive recruitment practices significantly hinder the employment of young people and women in particular. We recruit based on our values and recognition of talent.

Yearly we partner with charities that reflect our values, particularly those who seek to inspire young people to enter diverse careers and provide opportunities for work experience. We aim as part of our growth strategy to offer accredited apprenticeships in Supply Chain management, Quality and Environmental Management.

3. Profit

We are committed to delivering value for our Customers, Suppliers and Shareholders. As part of our growth agenda we regularly re-invest in the company particularly in areas of sustainable technology development and continuing professional development for our employees. We work in partnership with our Suppliers and Customers to achieve results that seek to grow our organisations and achieve our Vision without compromising our Values.